'20,000 species of bees' prevails over 'The Snow Society' in some Feroz that culminate the golden year of 'The Messiah'

The Feroz 2024 Awards repeated the pattern of 2023, signing a very distributed record with which they celebrated a great year for Spanish cinema. 20,000 Species of Bees won the battle against The Snow Society for Best Drama Film, but Juan Antonio Bayona was able to make up for it with the award for Best Director. The rest of the categories were distributed between Robot Dreams , You Know That, I'm Loving You Madly , Upon Entry and Let Nobody Sleep . In series, the pattern was the opposite. The Messiah won in all the categories she entered to complete her golden year.

The beginning of the day had an unexpected protagonist: Carlos Vermut. An investigation by the newspaper El País revealed the accusation of “sexual violence” by three women against the director of Mantícora and Magical Girl . The industry responded from the Red Carpet, where figures such as Isabel Coixet, Enriq Auquer, Elena Martín and Jedet showed their support for the victims, leaving a resounding message: “We are not going to remain silent.” The case had less presence during the ceremony, in which some mention was missing in the winners' speeches.

The Association of Cinematographic Informants of Spain, responsible for these recognitions, awarded Juan Antonio Bayona the award for Best Director for The Snow Society . The filmmaker, who continues to be congratulated by the Oscar nomination for Best International Film, thanked the survivors of the accident in the Andes that he recounts in the film for having “given him their lives to tell.”

“I hope I have done well,” he said before claiming that there are already “more than one hundred million people in the world who have seen this film made in Spain in Spanish.” And not only that, he explained that what he was “most excited about” is that, of all of them, “400,000 have gone to see it at the movies.”

The Feroz for Best Drama Film went to 20,000 Species of Bees , which also won the award for Best Supporting Actress for Patricia López Arnaiz. Eight women took over the stage when collecting the tribute, their producer Lara Izaguirre pointed out them, before stating emphatically, drawing applause from the audience: “This is what we are.” Malena Alterio was recognized as Best Leading Actress for Que Nadie Duerma and David Verdaguer as Best Leading Actor for Saben esall .

“It says Best Comedy Movie here. Not comedy animated film. Thank you Premios Feroz for not separating the categories,” thanked Pablo Berger, award in hand, for Robot Dreams – with which he is also up for the Oscar.

One of the most applauded speeches of the night was that of La Dani, who won the category for Best Supporting Actor in a Film for I'm loving you madly , the film by Alejandro Marín that vindicates the first Spanish LGTBI activists. “I was not an actress and being myself has brought me here. And I haven't always been proud of how I was. In the film they ask my character if he has received a prize and he says yes, the prize of being a faggot," he began before acknowledging that his was a recognition of "all the sissies, the lesbians, the mist, to the transsexuals and the weird ones.”

Juan Sebastián Vásquez and Alejandro Rojas, who won the Feroz Dama Award for Best Screenplay for Upon Entry , called for a “ceasefire in Palestine.” “Let us welcome with open arms all the people who need to live a quiet night,” they noted.

“Los Feroz, always with the victims”

The previous edition of the Feroz Awards was also marked by sexual violence. The celebration after the gala ended with one of the attendees arrested for sexual assault – he was later released with charges. The actress Jedet was one of the complainants who, a year later, told this newspaper during the Red Carpet that “ MeToo in Spain is very close.”

María Guerra, president of the Association, began her speech during the ceremony by referring to the case. “A year ago there was a sexual assault that was stopped thanks to the violence protocol and the victims reporting it. Los Feroz are always with the victims. And we encourage you to report. We have to report it,” he claimed. The journalist reflected on the “impressive change” since the New York Times published the first case of sexual abuse in 2017.

“That's where the #MeToo hashtag started. It's 2014 and the global hashtag is #SeAcabó . “Sports and cinema are two gigantic media focuses,” he highlighted, recalling that, even so, abuses do not occur “only” in these two areas. "They are everywhere. The abuse of power is everywhere and it preys on the weakest,” he argued before referring directly to Yolanda Díaz, Minister of Labor and Social Economy, present at the gala: “Precariousness is weakness and it is a taboo because it humiliates and It shames the one who suffers from it. Part of the solution is decent working conditions.”

The head of the Association took advantage of the situation to also claim that “culture cannot be censored. It is unforgivable in a country like Spain.”

The golden year of 'The Messiah'

The Messiah swept the series awards. The first to confirm it was Irene Balmes, who won the award for Best Supporting Actress. He was followed by Albert Pla, in his homonymous male category. The performer did not attend the event, but in his name the Stella Maris received the award, including a performance that began with their classic: “Dear Believer.” “Our father is at a religious service,” they justified. “Amen,” they added.

Roger Casamajor, Best Leading Actor, also sent the message of proclaiming that “art heals”; while Lola Dueñas, Best Leading Actress, was full of praise for 'los javis': “You give everything and you deserve everything.”

Those mentioned, who went on stage twice, thanked all the people who shared their real stories, for having “inspired” them to make the series. “When your pain, your trauma, your experience… you put it in an artistic creation, in some way you see it from the outside, you can understand it. And, with luck, you get to heal it.” Javier Ambrossi concluded with a message for all boys and girls who suffer violence: “You are not to blame. Don't be ashamed. “Adults are responsible and have to take charge.”

The only Feroz that did not fall to La Mesías was Best Comedy Series, which went to Poquita fe .

Complete list of winners

  • Best supporting actress in a series: Irene Balmes for The Messiah
  • Best supporting actor in a series: Albert Pla for The Messiah
  • Best Original Music: Alfonso Villallonga for Robot Dreams
  • Feroz Arrebato Non-Fiction Award: The Singla of Paloma Zapata
  • Feroz Outburst Fiction Award: Especially at Night by Víctor Iriarte
  • Feroz Dama Award for Best Screenplay for a Series: Javier Calvo, Javier Ambrossi, Nacho Vigalondo and Carmen Jiménez for La Mesías
  • Best poster: José Luis Ágreda for Robot Dreams
  • Best Trailer: Harry Heaton for The Snow Society
  • Best supporting actress in a film: Patricia López Arnaiz for 20,000 species of bees
  • Best Supporting Actor in a Movie: La Dani for I'm Loving You Madly
  • Best leading actress in a film: Malena Alterio for Nobody Sleeps
  • Best Leading Actor in a Film: David Verdaguer for Saben That
  • Feroz AUDI Honor Award: Mónica Randall
  • Feroz Dama Award for Best Screenplay for a Film: Juan Sebastián Vásquez and Alejandro Rojas for Upon Entry
  • Best direction of a film: Juan Antonio Bayona for The Snow Society
  • Best Leading Actor in a Series: Roger Casamajor for The Messiah
  • Best leading actress in a series: Lola Dueñas for La Mesías
  • Best Drama Film: 20,000 Species of Bees
  • Best comedy film: Robot dreams
  • Best comedy series: Little faith
  • Best drama series: The Messiah


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