‘Beef’ Wins Best Limited Series at the 2024 Golden Globes

“Beef” sizzled up the 2024 Golden Globes by taking home the award for Best Limited Series.

The Netflix dramedy, which was celebrated at the IndieWire Honors ceremony in December 2023, was among the top critically acclaimed series of the year. Created by Lee Sung Jin, the series centers on two Los Angeles residents, played by Ali Wong and Steven Yeun, who are disgruntled with their vastly different lives. A road rage encounter leads to a long-running obsessive feud to destroy one another, leading to a heightened end.

For the Golden Globes, 10-episode series “Beef” beat out “Daisy Jones and the Six,” “All the Light We Cannot See,” “Fargo,” “Fellow Travelers,” and “Lessons in Chemistry” in the Best Television Limited Series, Anthology Series, or Motion Picture Made for Television category. Ali Wong won the Best Performance by a Female Actor in a Limited Series category, and Steven Yeun won for Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Limited Series.

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Comedian and actor Jo Koy wearing all-black and standing in front of a Golden Globes backdrop.
OPPENHEIMER, Cillian Murphy as J. Robert Oppenheimer, 2023. © Universal Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection

“Beef” creator and showrunner Lee said during IndieWire Honors that the series stemmed from a real-life encounter he had. “‘Beef’ was loosely based on a road rage incident that I got into,” Lee said. “This dude in a white SUV honked and yelled at me. And for some reason, on this day, I was like, ‘Eh, I’m gonna follow you.’ It was very anticlimactic and very stupid on my part, but it did lead to this award. So I would be remiss to not thank this man; I hope he honks and yells, inspiring others for years to come.”

Lee continued of his personal connection to the series, “The show is basically about how we’re all the same thing experiencing itself, and I’m very thankful for the other same things I got to collaborate with on the show. A lot of the darker elements of the show, the suicidal ideation and things like that, that was just mine from my personal life. So I also need to thank my therapist Joanne, who is probably the only reason I’m alive.”

Lee previously described the series to IndieWire as “35 percent Paul Thomas Anderson-slash-‘Sopranos’ comedy, where you’re laughing at the broken psychology of people, plus 35 percent ‘White Lotus’ propulsion -slash-Netflix watercooler moments, plus 30 percent Ingmar Bergman-slash-Hirokazu Koreeda warm, melancholic pathos.”

The creator added that the show is “a microcosm of so much going on in our society,” concluding, “We’re driving around in literal bubbles and projecting so much onto others, with so many assumptions, and there’s a lot going on in our own lives that add to that projection.”

The 81st Golden Globe Awards were held Sunday, January 7 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, CA. Dick Clark Productions, which owns and produces the Golden Globes, is a Penske Media company. PMC is also IndieWire’s parent company.


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