Canada considers imposing cap on international students to address housing crisis

OTTAWA: Amidst the rising unemployment and housing crisis in Canada, immigration minister Marc Miller has indicated that the government is considering imposing a cap on the number of international students residing in the country. The move comes as the government aims to address the strain on housing caused by the influx of international students.
Although the minister did not specify the extent of the reduction being considered, he highlighted the need for collaboration between the federal and provincial governments.In an interview with CTV’s Question Period, Miller emphasized the importance of provinces taking responsibility for managing the volume of international students.
Miller expressed concern over the overwhelming number of international students in Canada and referred to the current system as being out of control. He intends to explore the possibility of setting a cap on international students to alleviate housing demand in the first and second quarters of this year.
When questioned about the delay in considering a cap, Miller emphasized the importance of addressing the issue at a federal level before examining the actions of individual academic institutions in different provinces. He stressed the need for financial verification and ensuring a sustainable system that supports individuals coming to Canada.
However, Miller acknowledged that implementing a cap on international students would not be a one-size-fits-all solution to the housing shortages across the country. He emphasized that immigration targets must also consider the pressing need to lower the average age of the workforce.
While the specifics regarding the cap on international students were not disclosed, Miller confirmed that the federal government is actively considering the proposal. He emphasized the importance of engaging in discussions with provincial counterparts to determine the appropriate reduction in numbers, taking into account the financial needs of academic institutions.
The federal government has faced criticism for its ambitious immigration targets, which include welcoming 485,000 immigrants this year, and 500,000 in both 2025 and 2026. Public servants had previously warned the government about the potential impact of these targets on housing affordability.
Furthermore, temporary residents, including international students and migrant workers, have contributed to the strain on housing. In the third quarter of last year alone, over 300,000 temporary residents arrived in Canada.
The government’s consideration of a cap on international students aims to address the housing crisis and ensure a more sustainable immigration system. The discussions between federal and provincial authorities will shape the future of international student admissions and their impact on housing in Canada. Source

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