Maldives visit of Chinese survey ship could rouse Indian Ocean security concerns

NEW DELHI: Scientists have developed a synthetic human antibody that can neutralise a deadly toxin produced by a variety of snakes. The study, published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, adapted an approach used earlier to screen for antibodies against HIV and COVID-19 in order to synthesise the new venom-neutralising antibody.“This is the first time … Read more

Pakistan to probe trolling of officials over ‘rigging’ in February 8 polls

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan‘s caretaker government has constituted a joint investigation team, including from the ISI, following a massive social media campaign against officials and functionaries of the top poll body alleging their involvement in the reported rigging of elections, according to media reports on Thursday. The report is to be submitted in 15 days. The joint … Read more

Two dead after cargo ship hits bridge in southern China

NEW DELHI: Two people killed and three individual were missing after an empty cargo ship collided with a bridge in southern China, according to reports from authorities and state media.The Guangzhou maritime affairs bureau disclosed that the collision caused a section of the Lixinsha Bridge to collapse, sending five vehicles, including a motorbike, plummeting into … Read more

Nikki Haley: ‘Embryos, to me, are babies’

Republican Presidential candidate Nikki Haley said she considers frozen embryos created through in-vitro fertilization “babies,” siding with the Alabama Supreme Court on an issue that resonates with conservative voters three days before South Carolina’s primary. “Embryos, to me, are babies,” Haley told NBC News in an interview broadcast Wednesday. In an appearance on the CNN … Read more

China’s Z-10 attack helicopter becomes sole non-western design to be showcased at Singapore Airshow

NEW DELHI: Chinese aerospace company Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) displayed its Z-10 attack helicopter at the Singapore Airshow, marking its foreign debut. This made it the only non-Western design showcased at the event, with no Russian defense companies participating.The Z-10, equipped with a chin-mounted chain gun and displayed alongside various compatible missiles and … Read more

Joe Biden calls Putin ‘crazy SOB’ and hits Trump on Navalny remarks

President Joe Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “crazy SOB” and criticized Donald Trump for likening himself to recently deceased Russian opposition leader Alexey Navalny.“We have a crazy SOB like that guy Putin, and others, and we always have to worry about nuclear conflict,” Biden said Wednesday at a San Francisco fundraiser. Referring to … Read more

Jaahnavi Kandula’s death: Seattle police officer who struck and killed her will not face criminal charges

WASHINGTON: The Seattle police officer who struck and killed Indian student Jaahnavi Kandula while responding to an overdose call, will not face any criminal charges due to lack of “sufficient” evidence, authorities said. On Wednesday, the King County Prosecutor’s Office said they will not move forward with criminal charges against Seattle Police Officer Kevin Dave, … Read more

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