Clinton pressured magazine over coverage of ‘good friend’ Epstein

Newly released court documents have disclosed a second list of names associated with Jeffrey Epstein case. The records being unsealed were part of a lawsuit filed by one of those victims, Virginia Giuffre, against Ghislaine Maxwell, who was Epstein’s former girlfriend, household manager and chief recruiter of young, vulnerable females. That lawsuit was settled in 2017, but documents in the case are still being released years later.
Most of the names in those records are familiar to anyone who has followed the scandal closely.However, among newly released documents, Giuffre’s claims about former President Bill Clinton‘s alleged intervention at Vanity Fair have drawn significant attention.
Clinton’s alleged intervention at Vanity Fair
According to a Daily Mail report, Giuffre, in a May 2011 email, claimed that Bill Clinton had entered the offices of Vanity Fair, demanding the magazine cease any publication of stories about Jeffrey Epstein. She wrote, “B. Clinton walked into VF and threatened them not to write sex-trafficking articles about his good friend J.E.” However, there is no evidence supporting this claim, and a spokesperson for Vanity Fair’s then-editor, Graydon Carter, firmly said, “This categorically did not happen.”
Clinton’s ties with Epstein
Bill Clinton, who has maintained that his interactions with Epstein were strictly professional, is mentioned 50 times in the nearly 950 pages of evidence. Court documents from a 2016 defamation suit suggest a different narrative, with Epstein accusing Clinton of “liking them young.”
Epstein’s influence on media reporting
The documents also highlight Epstein’s alleged influence on media reporting. Journalist Vicky Ward claimed Epstein had prevented Vanity Fair from publishing her interviews with Maria and Annie Farmer, who accused Epstein of abuse. Ward recounted Epstein’s threats in her 2022 podcast, saying, “I have reports here about you, your husband – I have everything under the sun that was sent to me by people who want to be helpful.” Vanity Fair later explained that the claims of sexual abuse were not included in Ward’s 2003 article as they did not meet legal standards.
The second tranche of documents
The release of these documents, part of a 2015 defamation case against Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s associate, marks the second tranche of files unsealed by the Manhattan court. These documents further expose Epstein’s connections with high-profile figures, including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, and others.
Epstein’s extensive network
The list includes names like Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Stephen Hawking, Michael Jackson, and others. While most individuals named were peripheral to Epstein’s crimes, the list provides a more detailed map of Epstein’s impressive social connections.
Prince Andrew’s alleged involvement
One notable inclusion in the documents is the claim that Prince Andrew participated in an ‘orgy’ on Epstein’s Caribbean island, an allegation he has consistently denied.
Point to note
The release of these documents sheds light on the extensive network of Epstein’s connections, involving figures from politics to entertainment industry. However, it is crucial to note that the mention of these celebrities in the court documents does not imply any participation or complicity in Epstein’s criminal activities. The legal proceedings continue to unravel the complexities of the Epstein case, with more developments expected to follow.
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