How was the explosive celebration of the Oscar nominations for 'The Snow Society'

At 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 23, many people asked for silence to listen to TV or YouTube streaming . Some were journalists; others, movie fans, and the rest, various groups of people whose lives could change from one second to the next.

That The Snow Society had a chance of moving from the short list of candidates to the very short list of nominees was evident. But logic does not always prevail in the decisions of the Hollywood collective that votes at the Academy.

The film team, led by Juan Antonio Bayona, shares with the readers of a private camera that captured the previous seconds of tension, swirling around a mobile phone, and the explosion of joy upon hearing the title of the film. by hosts Jack Quaid and Zazie Beetz. And not just once but twice, as Bayona's film got the nomination for Best International Film but also for Best Makeup and Hairstyling.

Another camera located in front of a sofa also recorded the reaction of the crew of the Spanish animated film Robot Dreams, directed by Pablo Berger and which has received the nomination in its genre. The Arcadia Motion Pictures team has also shared with the public that special moment, which fortunately ended in joy and not disappointment.


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