‘Constitution is being mocked’: PTI vice chairman Qureshi on upcoming elections

NEW DELHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) vice chairman Shah Mahmood Qureshi has criticised the upcoming general elections, referring to them as ‘mock elections‘ and deeming the process a waste of money, The Express Tribune reported on Sunday.
Addressing the media at Adiala Jail on Saturday, Qureshi expressed concern over what he sees as the strangulation of democracy and the mockery of the Constitution. Qureshi told media persons, “Democracy is being strangled and the Constitution is being mocked.” He urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan and the chief election commissioner to address PTI’s demand for a level playing field.
“What is happening against us is not a level-playing field. Where will we take our complaint? From where will we get justice?” Qureshi said, “Even the British and Ranjit Singh had not crossed the threshold of my 125-year-old house.”
Qureshi highlighted the alleged injustices faced by PTI, mentioning the attack on veteran politician Javed Hashmi’s house and the interference with their meetings. He also accused the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) and claimed that the Pakistan Peoples Party chairman supports PTI’s stance regarding corruption money used to build the Avenfield apartments in London.
Accusing the PPP of utilising the resources of the Sindh local government for the elections, Qureshi pointed out similar claims made by PML-N’s Nehal Hashmi and the Grand Democratic Alliance.
Emphasising the need for a fair competition, Qureshi revealed that during a raid at his house in Multan, eight people were arrested, and election material belonging to his daughter and son was confiscated. He questioned the unequal treatment, noting that PML-N and PPP were granted open permission to hold meetings while PTI faced restrictions.
Expressing dissatisfaction with the current election environment, Qureshi asserted that the nation and the world would not accept elections under such conditions, as he believes fundamental rights are being violated.
Qureshi asked, “What kind of election is this?” adding that the nation and the world would not accept the elections in such an environment as “our fundamental rights are being violated.”
(With agency inputs)

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