How these meaty speeches drive home the point in this season’s awards films

Written by: Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach

Who’s talking: America Ferrera as Mattel employee Gloria

Who’s listening: Stereotypical Barbie (Margot Robbie) and her fellow Barbies

Subtext: Gloria stifled her dreams to accommodate the men she works for until she bonds with Barbie and unloads on the facts of misogynistic life.

Text: “You’re supposed to be thin but not too thin, and you can never say you want to be thin, you have to say you want to be healthy, but you also have to be thin. You have to have money, but you can’t ask for money, because that’s crass. You have to be a boss, but you can’t be mean. You’re supposed to lead, but you can’t squash other people’s ideas. You’re supposed to love being a mother but don’t talk about your kids all the damn time. You’re supposed to be a career woman but always be looking out for other people. You have to answer for men’s bad behavior, which is insane, but if you point that out, you’re accused of complaining. You’re supposed to stay pretty for men but not so pretty that you tempt them too much or that you threaten other women, because you’re supposed to be a part of the sisterhood. … You have to never get old, never be rude, never show off, never be selfish, never fall down, never fail, never show fear, never get out of line.”


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