The Argentine horror film that unknowingly anticipated Milei's arrival to power

Evil spreads throughout Argentina. Through the fields and cities. An evil that spreads like a virus, blinding people and forcing them to perform terrible acts. No one escapes from it, because its consequences always end up splashing. The previous lines could be the political chronicle of recent months in Argentina. The x-ray of a society that has been inoculated with the Milei virus, a virus full of hate that is beginning to leave victims along the way. However, they are part of the synopsis of When Evil Stalks, the Argentine horror film that anticipated, in its portrait of the country and with its metaphor within the canons of the genre, the arrival of the far-right president.

The film, directed by Demián Rugna, won the award for Best Film at the last Sitges Festival and tells the story of two men who visit, in an abandoned town in the interior of Argentina, a person who they say is 'intoxicated'. . That is to say, he has the devil inside. What could begin as a story of infernal possessions transforms into a mix of satanic terror, zombies and political allegory of the differences of a country so alienated where truth is too weak a concept. The filmmaker himself ironized the parallel when it became known that Milei won the second round of the elections. He posted a scene from his film on Instagram and dubbed it so that a character said 'you voted for the embichodo'.


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