'The Snow Society' loses to 'Anatomy of a Fall' at the Golden Globes that surrender to 'Oppenheimer'

The snow society faced two important challenges this weekend. The first, its arrival on Netflix, where Juan Antonio Bayona's film landed after passing through theaters. The second, his first appointment in the awards race that, presumably -and nominations on January 23 through-, will conclude at the next Oscars in March. He surpassed the first challenge with ease. The film is the most watched in the world and promises to have viewing figures that compensate for the outlay on the ambitious film spoken in Spanish. In the second, it failed to win the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film, which was won by the French Anatomy of a Fall.

Justine Triet's film was the surprise of the night, as it also won the award for best script over several of the night's favorites. The script by Justine Triet and Arthur Harari, an impeccable thriller that under the shell of a judicial thriller x-rays a couple, is launched towards the Oscars. A resounding success for the film and for Cannes. The Festival is confirmed as the essential event for auteur cinema and its influence on the awards race is now undoubted. Winning the Palme d'Or is increasingly important, as Parasites demonstrated and as Triet recalled in his speech. It is not surprising that the director of the French competition, Thierry Frémaux, was at the Anatomy of a Fall table.

The victory of Anatomy of a Fall cannot be repeated at the Oscars, since France has chosen to choose Slow Fire, the culinary drama with Juliette Binoche instead of Triet's film. A controversial decision that with each passing day is confirmed as more wrong. On this occasion, Bayona had it more complicated than ever, since at the Golden Globes, unlike at the Oscars, any film that is not spoken in English can compete, so this year there was a medley of films that will not be able to be nominated for the Academy Awards and therefore will not be rivals of the Spanish representative.

This was the case with Anatomy of a Fall, but also with Past Lives. Both were also up for the award for Best Dramatic Film of the Year, and there they had nothing to do in the middle of the phenomenon of the year. The Barbenheimer also exploded in Los Angeles, but only halfway. Oppenheimer swept everything and finished the night with five awards. It was chosen as Best Dramatic Film, Direction, Soundtrack, and also two acting awards. Both Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr won Best Leading Actor in a Drama Motion Picture and Best Supporting Actor. “Thank you to the Golden Globes for having changed,” Downey Jr. said in his speech, making clear something that did not need to be made explicit when he saw that all the stars had responded to the call. Gone are the years of punishment and controversy due to the lack of diversity and irregular practices.

The other part of the phenomenon of the year, Barbie , had to settle for the Best Song awards for What I most made for? From Billie Eilish and the recently released category of 'Commercial Success'. An award that couldn't go to anyone else. Greta Gerwig's film made millions of people dress in pink and fill the theaters in the summer, as Margot Robbie, its producer and leading actress, recalled. They did it at a critical time for the industry, with the strike paralyzing everything and preventing the stars from promoting the films. “Thank you for creating an award that commemorates the fans,” said Robbie, who saw how Poor Creatures took away almost all the awards from his film. Yorgos Lanthimos' feminist Frankenstein is confirmed as an alternative to Oppenheimer for the Oscars by winning Best Comedy and Best Actress.

Faced with Oppenheimer 's defeat, many were the biggest losers of the night. The Zone of Interest, Past Lives and Master left empty, and The Moon Killers had to settle for the award for Best Dramatic Actress for Lily Gladstone, who collected her award speaking in the language of her native community, claiming their language and their culture. A well-deserved award for Gladstone but little loot for the incredible and important work that Martin Scorsese has created. “Thank you Martin because you are helping to change things,” said the actress in the best speech of the night and one of the best moments of a long and boring gala.

In the interpretive sections, the excellent work of Alexander Payne as director of actors in Those Who Remain was recognized. Two of its performers won the Golden Globe. Paul Giamatti won Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for his cantankerous teacher. The actor, who already worked with Payne in Sideways, dedicated the award to the teachers and thanked the director for continuing to have faith in him. For her part, Da'Vine Joy Randolph won Best Supporting Actress and can add shine to her next Oscar. She has not missed a single award this season and is the rival to beat. The best animated film was awarded to a master, Hayao Miyazakio, who with The Boy and the Heron beat the favorite Spider-Man: Crossing the Multiverse.

All in a gala that showed that the Golden Globes have already paid their price for the sins of the past and are once again the party everyone goes to. No one was missing. Neither Spielberg nor Oprah Winfrey, who gave the last award of the night. They went, yes, to suffer a gala that no one wanted to present and that 10 days before ended up falling on the shoulders of the comedian Jo Koy, who was uncomfortable, made some jokes, but it never worked. The faces of the nominees were a poem and on several occasions they justified the lack of time. “I received the order ten days ago, what did you expect, a perfect gala?” he said when one of his gags didn't work.

Gone are the bad tricks of Ricky Gervais, the political mentions or current affairs (only Jim Gaffgan dared to mention Epstein in passing) and the brilliant moments. Only Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell raised the bar by presenting the award for best actor in a comedy or musical. Presenting the Golden Globes next year will continue to be a challenge that someone will have to suffer, although perhaps, seeing that no one remembers the controversies, there will be more suitors.


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