Man opens emergency exit and walks on plane’s wing in Mexico airport, other passengers support him

MEXICO CITY: In an extraordinary turn of events, a passenger aboard an AeroMexico flight to Guatemala City opened an emergency exit and briefly stepped onto the wing of the aircraft, citing the health and safety of those onboard. The incident, which took place at Mexico City International Airport, has sparked widespread discussion on passenger rights and airline responsibilities.
The airport confirmed in a statement that the man had been handed over to police following the incident, which occurred on Thursday during a prolonged delay. However, the act, initially perceived as a case of unruly behavior, took a different light when fellow passengers expressed their support.

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According to a written statement signed by at least 77 passengers and circulated on social media, the delay of flight AM672 led to intolerable conditions inside the aircraft, including a lack of ventilation and water for four hours. The passengers defended the man’s actions as a necessary measure to safeguard the well-being of everyone on board.
Photos of the handwritten statement, penned on notebook paper, underscored the desperation felt by passengers. “The delay and lack of air created conditions that endangered the health of the passengers. He saved our lives,” the statement read.
An incident report by airport authorities corroborated the passengers’ version of events. The report detailed that flight AM672, scheduled to depart at 8:45 a.m. Thursday, was delayed due to a maintenance issue, leading to unrest among passengers. The situation escalated when one passenger opened the emergency door and stepped out onto the wing.

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“The passengers were unhappy and one of them opened the emergency door and stepped out on the wing,” the report said. “This event required the plane to be changed.”
Airport authorities have not disclosed the identity of the man, nor have they commented on his current legal status.
Flight tracking websites confirmed the flight’s delay of nearly five hours. A video captured inside the plane shows passengers in distress, fanning themselves and requesting water from a flight attendant.
AeroMexico has not yet issued a statement in response to the incident or the allegations of inadequate care during the delay.

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