Movistar Plus+ will produce the new work by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Icíar Bollaín, Alberto Rodríguez and Oliver Laxe

The original fiction has given Movistar Plus+ an excellent year in 2023. The Messiah , Little Faith and Unity are some of the series that have taken audiences and critics by storm. However, something was missing from this fictional strategy: the commitment to the production of original Spanish cinema. Although they had carried out specific adventures such as While the war lasts , by Alejandro Amenábar, or Modelo 77, by Alberto Rodríguez, they had not established a strategy so that the great authors of our industry could develop their products with them.

Something has changed, and Movistar Plus+ has realized that they like Spanish cinema. For this reason, they have hit the table and have announced five projects with which they present themselves as the platform that will support authors who want to bet on movie theaters and then have their works exclusively on Movistar Plus+. The first announcement could not have been more ambitious. The new films by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Icíar Bollaín, Alberto Rodríguez and Oliver Laxe, in addition to the feature debut by Ana Rujas, are the titles that will be filmed in 2024.

Domingo Corral, director of Fiction and Entertainment of the platform, has defined this commitment as “decided and ambitious” and has assured that the philosophy of the chosen projects will be the same as that carried out with the series, that they have “authorship and ambition.” The idea is to produce between “five or six films a year” and do so while respecting traditional windows. “We firmly believe in theaters,” he said and pointed to something important, all the films will be made together with independent producers, something that was pilloryed after the audiovisual law.

The most mysterious project is that of Rodrigo Sorogoyen, who under the name of The loved one did not provide a cast or synopsis, only the director's statements saying that they believe that he and his screenwriter, Isabel Peña, have taken a lot of risks, in which he supposes his first adventure after the success of As bestas . Untitled Alberto Rodríguez presented his new film. Movistar Plus+ said that Modelo 77 had been the most viewed film on the platform, above any Hollywood blockbuster, and that this success is part of what gave them the key to making this bet.

Rodríguez thanked the “creative freedom” he has had with the platform and advanced the peculiar scenario of this plot of “two brothers, a man and a woman, professional divers attending a petrochemical plant.” A profession with “a brutal, very dangerous sinister nature, with death on the horizon all the time” but within what he has described as “a movie of characters.”

After Maixabel, Icíar Bollaín returns to a real woman who marked a turning point in the history of Spain. This is Nevenka Fernández and she will tell it along with Isa Campo in the script in Soy Nevenka, a film that has a casting but was not announced and where Bollaín highlighted the woman as “a pioneer.” “He did it when the word harassment was not on the street. He did it for justice and survival. She did it very alone and it was all very public. The abuse was very public and everyone looked the other way. She won in court but was left very alone because there was social rejection. It is also a portrait of the media, they called her a climber. Reviewing images we have seen how [TVE news director] Urdaci, when he broke the news, defined it as a sentimental dispute in Ponferrada, and we also want to tell this,” said the filmmaker.

The project, a priori, most authorial, is that of Oliver Laxe, who is about to shoot his first film after O que arde . It does so with the help of El Deseo, the Almodóvar brothers' production company. An untitled adventure with a mysterious synopsis like all Galician cinema. A rave in Morocco where a father arrives looking for his daughter. Five of them and this character will end up looking for a “mythological ship in the Moroccan desert.” A “hypnotic and sensory” film that shoots in April.

Also among established names is Ana Rujas, who is now triumphing as an actress in The Messiah and who will make her feature film debut with El desencanto, a film that is related to Chávarri's film and in which the actress will try to link that disenchantment to that of the actual society. A project produced by Javier Calvo and Javier Ambrossi and that is born from a theatrical text in which he fabled “a conversation between the Paneros and Miguel, a father of the working class.” “I was obsessed with Disenchantment and the Paneros, and I found it very interesting to set that stage.” A film with class turncoats that wants to talk about “a socio-political decadence, politicized art and everything in a humorous way.”


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