Polish farmers to suspend protest at key Ukraine border crossing

WARSAW: Polish farmers have decided to suspend a protest at the border crossing with Ukraine at Medyka after the government agreed to their demands, interia.pl website reported on Saturday citing the local province governor.
Polish truck drivers have been blocking several crossings with Ukraine since Nov. 6, demanding that the European Union reinstate a system whereby Ukrainian companies obtain permits to operate in the bloc.
They were later joined by farmers who demanded government subsidies for corn and no tax hikes, amid complaints about increased competition from Ukraine.
The farmers, who were blocking the crossing at Medyka, suspended their protest for Christmas and resumed the blockade on Jan. 4. On Saturday, they agreed to suspend it again.
The Minister of Agriculture agreed to implement all three of their demands regarding subsidies, increased loans for liquidity and maintaining the agricultural tax at the 2023 level, interia.pl said.
“Upon signing the agreement, the protest at the border crossing in Medyka is suspended for the period necessary to implement legal … changes and for the time necessary to implement additional changes,” the agreement quoted by the website reads.
However, truckers are continuing their protests at three other border crossings.

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