Tina Fey to Star in ‘The Four Seasons’ Netflix TV Adaptation

Tina Fey is adapting 1981 comedy “The Four Seasons” for Netflix.

The “Mean Girls” screenwriter is co-creating and starring in a TV version of the film, which reunites her with “30 Rock” collaborators Lang Fisher and Tracey Wigfield.

The original “The Four Seasons” was written and directed by Alan Alda, produced by Martin Bregman, and starred Alda and Carol Burnett. The film followed a couple (Alda and Burnett) who vacation with their friends and get entangled in a comedy of errors. Alda was a recurring guest star on Fey’s “30 Rock.”

Universal Television is set to produce the Netflix series, which goes into production later this year. Fey previously collaborated with Universal Television and Netflix for “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” and “Girls5Eva,” whose third season will debut on Netflix March 14.

Fey’s “The Four Seasons” co-creator Fisher previously co-created “Never Have I Ever,” which ran for four seasons on Netflix. Wigfield created the critically acclaimed series “Great News” and “Saved by the Bell,” with each running for multiple seasons. 

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“The Four Seasons” is executive produced by Fey, Fisher, Wigfield, David Miner, Eric Gurian, and Jeff Richmond. Alan Alda and Marissa Bregman will Produce.

The series is written by Fey, Fisher and Wigfield. Universal Television is the producing studio. Little Stranger, Inc. is the production company. 

Fey recently adapted her film “Mean Girls” into a musical movie based on the Broadway show. Fey reprised her role of Ms. Norbury, 20 years after starring in the 2004 original movie.

“We couldn’t age out. Teachers work forever,” Fey said during “Late Night With Seth Meyers” of returning to the character, adding, “I want it to be like when Gilligan from ‘Gilligan’s Island’ would be at a trade show and you’d be like, ‘Oh, he looks so old in his little hat.’ That’s my goal.”

Fey said of the new cast members, “We have an amazing cast. I’m super excited about this cast. The songs are sounding really more kind of pop. It’s a fascinating process actually because, in Broadway, everything has to play to the back of the house, and, in movies, everything can come back in, and things can play really intimately. We have a very cool directing team, a very cool choreographer.”


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