What’s behind mysterious red marks on Trump’s hands

Former US President Donald Trump was recently seen with enigmatic red marks on his hands as he departed his New York residence to attend E Jean Carroll’s second defamation trial. This sighting sparked a flurry of speculation on social media platforms, with various theories about the origins of these marks.
Dr Joshua Zeichner, an Associate Professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, spoke to Business Insider, suggesting that the marks are likely rashes, which can stem from a multitude of causes.Dr. Zeichner elaborated on four potential explanations for these rashes, noting that they might be less sensational than internet theories suggest.
Possibility 1: Dryness and overwashing
Dr. Zeichner pointed out that hand rashes are commonly caused by dryness and excessive handwashing. Considering Trump’s self-professed germophobic tendencies, this theory seems plausible, especially during colder months when dry skin is more prevalent.
Possibility 2: Blisters from physical activities
Another theory involves blisters resulting from friction during activities such as golf, weightlifting, or baseball. Given Trump’s well-known affinity for golf, this explanation could hold water.
Possibility 3: Chemical reaction from lime juice
Dr. Zeichner also mentioned that exposure to lime juice, especially when combined with sunlight, can lead to a chemical skin burn known as “margarita burn.” While Trump is not a drinker, exposure to citrus from a non-alcoholic beverage could potentially cause such a reaction.
Possibility 4: Some other reason
Finally, Dr Zeichner emphasized that hand rashes could be attributed to almost anything, including unexpected factors like insect bites. Without confirmation from Trump himself, the true cause of the marks remains a matter of speculation.
Meanwhile, Trump faced the possibility of being ejected from his civil trial in Manhattan on Wednesday after he disregarded multiple admonitions to remain silent during E Jean Carroll’s testimony, where she claimed he tarnished her reputation following her allegations of sexual abuse against him.
Judge Lewis A. Kaplan sternly warned the ex-president that he would lose his privilege to attend the trial if his interruptions persisted. Despite an initial caution, Carroll’s attorney noted that Trump continued to whisper comments to his legal team, including phrases like “it is a witch hunt” and “it really is a con job.”
Addressing Trump directly after the jury departed for a break, Kaplan expressed his reluctance to remove him from the courtroom, stating, “Mr. Trump, I hope I don’t have to consider excluding you from the trial.” He acknowledged Trump’s apparent desire for such an outcome, to which Trump, seated among his attorneys Alina Habba and Michael Madaio, retorted with a nonchalant “I would love it.”
Kaplan remarked on Trump’s seeming inability to restrain himself in such situations, eliciting a terse “You can’t either” from Trump.
Subsequently, Trump openly criticized Judge Kaplan to the press at one of his nearby office buildings. He labeled the judge, an appointee of Bill Clinton, as “a nasty judge” and a “Trump-hating guy.” These comments mirror his social media posts where he described Kaplan as “seething and hostile,” “abusive, rude, and obviously not impartial.”
Trump’s remarks about Kaplan echo his previous criticisms of the judge in a separate New York state lawsuit that accuses him of exaggerating his property values to secure favorable insurance and loan rates.
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